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What’s PikaDo?

PikaDo is the first mobile app that supports children and teens striving to improve their conversational skills and English language by a process made so easy, by providing them with a no adult zone, they will comfortably converse and learn from knowledgeable children and teens of their own age who have been trained by PikaDo.

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The PikaDo method

PikaDo observed that whilst the majority of our children learn in schools how to put a paper to a pen and construct a sentence, that once they try to converse; what’s on paper doesn’t flow out easily, and this is where the PikaDo METHOD came to life. PikaDo is aiming to fill this gap, by exposing our children to young, NATIVE speakers who will guide them into expressing themselves comfortably and diligently through our classes with them.

Not only will this enhance their language itself, it will enhance their soft skills, as well as social skills! You’re bound to see the difference from our very first class!

PikaDo Idea


What keeps us going! Seeing the positive outcome and difference the PikaDo method has, pushes us to strive harder to continue enhancing and developing our programs! We’d like to thank our growing PikaDo family, and can’t wait to hear how your experience was!

What you will get

PikaDo Certification

After passing each of the levels assessments and classes, our young ones will get an official PikaDo certification to commemorate their success in our program and to certify their development with us!

Join Our Instructors

Ready to put on a teacher’s hat? If you are aged 12 to 18 and have a passion for public speaking and teaching others, (and making some cash on the side ;)), then PikaDo is looking for YOU! Apply now and with our training and guidance, you’ll be on your first step of your career ladder!