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PikaDo.. Kids and teenagers teach your kids languages

PikaDo is the first mobile app that helps your children learn and speak languages fluently by practicing with children and teenagers from different countries of the world who speak these languages as their native language.

Download PikaDo app and take the PikaDo placement test for free.

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Parents' Comments

I booked Adam's first lesson with a brilliant Pikado tutor in March 2021. At the time, Adam was almost 10 years old and his tutor was almost 13. Adam has had so many lessons since then, and we are looking forward to many more. Having a tutor who is only a few years older than my son proved to be successful; the tutor is friendly yet professional and encouraging. Adam's research and presentation skills have improved dramatically. He also became a more confident conversationalist in English. We are both very pleased with the experience.

Dr. Marwa Rakha

PikaDo is special because the teachers are close to the age of the children, which makes the children speak with them confidently and without shame. Also, the teachers have English as their first language and they also know Arabic, which helps the children to speak and understand all the sentences. Thank you

Mrs. Engy

We liked the idea especially that they focus on practicing the language rather than preparing children for school exams.

Mr. Mohamed Shaarawy

Download PikaDo app and take the PikaDo placement test for free