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Elevate your listening and speaking skills with AI

Daily exercises focus on listening and speaking skills, conducted through the computer or the PikaDo mobile application, with the provision of reports and tips to enhance the student's level regularly.

Peer-to-Peer live sessions led by teenagers aged 13 to 17

PikaDo live sessions target students aged 4 to 16 and are conducted by boys and girls aged 13 to 17 from different countries.

Enhance the proficiency of employees in business English within companies

PikaDo is the first mobile app that helps your children learn and speak languages fluently by practicing with children and teenagers from different countries of the world who speak these languages as their native language.

Assist school teachers in improving students' proficiency in listening and speaking skills

The PikaDo exercises are conducted from home and utilize artificial intelligence to correct pronunciation errors, along with generating detailed reports for teachers, parents, and school administration.